Why SEO Is Predominant Than Ever During COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus has surged the internet usage drastically. It has resulted in slow search traffic for many business websites.

The question on every SEO experts mind right now is “How is the novel coronavirus influencing SEO metrics?”

SEO is very important at the moment.

The impact of COVID-19 on search traffic

Search results shows human behavior and COVID-19 is impacting each industry in a different way.

As SEO experts, we’ll have to understand each and every industry differently. Here are some of the industries for which SEO is really important.

1.    Demand for Ecommerce websites that Sell Essential goods are Rising Up:

There is a huge jump in impressions and traffic of essential goods in traffic analysis tools.

Individuals are mainly looking for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, thermometers etc and other important healthcare products.

This huge rise in need, have even created new queries like near me searches.

As gyms, is highly virus prone, we saw an extreme rise in impressions and traffic rise for things like “dumbles for women” and other indoor sports fitness options.

As people started working from home there is rise for things like “office chair” and “office desk” started appearing in the query data.


2.   Search for Health & Wellness Sites Are Surging Up in Search Engines

As a result of novel coronavirus, the health and wellness sites are experiencing an total rise in impressions and traffic.

There also seems to be an increase in queries for natural remedy products like “antiviral herbs,” “antibacterial essential oils,” and “antiviral foods.”

Focus on backlinks for authoritativeness, and trust and writing on related type of content is more important now than ever.

People are relying on search engines to answer their medical queries. The SEO expert can take that responsibility tightly.


3.    Recipe Websites Appear to Be Experiencing a Good Uprise

After analyzing the analytics the recipe websites experienced rise in impressions and clicks, but not as much as essentials retailers or health sites.

This is because most people are cooking at home and avoiding eating out.

One should use recipe structured data on their recipe website to enhance the way your recipes content show up in the search result pages.

4.    Travel Website Traffic is rising as well

However, there is rise in impressions and traffic of travel websites.

It must be because of people looking forward to cancel, reschedule, or get refunds for their travel bookings.

There is gradual rise impressions and traffic rise for keywords like “cheap flights” mainly because with all the cancelations, people are thinking airlines will be selling tickets at super lower rates.

Hotel keywords traffic seem to be trending down.

The cruise-related keywords search is also going down.

The specific SEO impact is going to change on the basis of the sector.

Mostly travel industry is aggressively feeling the impact.

Things are mainly in a state of great confusion. SEO may be more now crucial than ever before!



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